Coronary CT

Coronary CT Scans in South Jersey

CT Scan Machine With Heart Vital Monitor

What Is A Coronary CT?

A coronary CT scan is an imaging study that evaluates plaque buildup in the central coronary arteries of the body. Plaque buildup can consist of unhealthy deposits of fat, cholesterol, and calcium. Coronary arteries are an integral part of the cardiovascular system that provides blood supply to the heart.

What Are The Benefits Of A Coronary CT?

A coronary CT scan is a minimally invasive imaging study that evaluates important cardiovascular processes that take place in the coronary arteries. A coronary CT has the capability to simultaneously capture images of bones, blood vessels, and soft tissue around the heart. This allows for physicians to identify the sources of chest discomfort and other medical conditions.

How Does A Coronary CT Work?

A coronary CT scan works to capture detailed views of the coronary arteries surrounding the heart. Contrast material is administered intravenously to allow the images to appear clearer when captured. As the contrast material is administered, your heart rate will slow down slightly so the flow of the blood vessels around the heart can be closely observed.