Virtual Colonoscopy

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Female Technologist Operating A CT Scan Machine For A Male Patient

What Is A Virtual Colonoscopy?

A virtual colonoscopy is a minimally invasive imaging study that utilizes advanced CT scan equipment to capture high quality images of the abdominal organs. This type of imaging study is minimally invasive in comparison to a traditional colonoscopy, which allows for increased comfort for the patient. A virtual colonoscopy is a very effective colon cancer screening option.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Colonoscopy?

A virtual colonoscopy is an effective alternative for a traditional colonoscopy and an important imaging study for colon cancer screening. For men and women, colon cancer is the third most diagnosed form of cancer. Early detection is the best way to practice colon cancer prevention. Early detection of colon cancer can lead to significantly improved outcomes.

How Do I Prepare For A Virtual Colonoscopy?

A virtual colonoscopy is a fast and minimally invasive imaging study that requires no sedation or contrast material. The preparation for a virtual colonoscopy is very similar to a traditional colonoscopy. About two days before your appointment, purchase two 10-ounce bottles of Magnesium Citrate and two Dulcolax tablets from your local pharmacy. One of our patient scheduler’s will have one bottle of Readi-Cat available for pick up at the most convenient Larchmont Medical Imaging location near you. Each supplement will be taken periodically throughout the days leading up to your appointment. Each supplement helps clear out your abdominal region so the clearest images can be captured. Your physician and our staff will coordinate when you should take each supplement. In the morning before your appointment, you are allowed to take any of your medications with a small glass of water. Please avoid any liquids and food. If you have any questions about medication dosages or schedule, please reach out to your physician.

How Long Does A Virtual Colonoscopy Take?

A virtual colonoscopy is considerably faster than a traditional colonoscopy. On average, a virtual colonoscopy takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. For the imaging study, you be asked to lay down on a CT scan machine. A small tube will be placed into the rectum and fill the colon slowly with air. 2D and 3D images are captured. Your physician can expect to see the results within 48 hours of the study being completed.