X-Rays in South Jersey

X-Ray Technologist Conducting A Chest X-Ray For Male Patient

What Is An X-Ray?

A diagnostic X-ray is an imaging technique that uses small amounts of radiation to create images very quickly to rule out immediate illnesses and injuries. Diagnostic X-ray studies are readily accessible for patients who need their answers in a moment’s notice.

What Are The Benefits Of An X-Ray?

X-rays provide a way to assess a patient for many medical conditions in a precise and timely manner. X-rays can quickly rule out if a bone has been fractured and broken, or if lungs show signs of pneumonia.

How Do I Prepare For An X-Ray?

Diagnostic X-rays do not require any form of special preparation. Sometimes, you may be required to change into a gown depending on the part of the body being examined. Avoid wearing any metallic objects such as jewelry, eyeglasses, and other accessories. X-rays are non-invasive and extremely quick. Your physician will receive X-ray results within two hours of completing your study.