The Larchmont Imaging Advantage

The Larchmont Imaging Advantage delivers Confidence for the medical insights you need, and Convenience that matters for you and your patients, while giving patients Cost-Effective alternatives to save them time and money.

Radiologists Discussing The Results Of A Brain MRI


  • Team of 24 board-certified, subspecialized radiologists trained to catch subtle irregularities that others may miss.


  • State-of-the-art technology for industry-leading image quality with reliable reports that you can consistently trust to inform clinical decisions.


  • Patients have rated Larchmont Imaging 98% Very Satisfied or Satisfied* with their experience.
Woman Speaking With Technologist Before Her Appointment


  • Larchmont Imaging provides advanced sequences and protocols tailored to your patient’s specific needs.


  • Obtain reports and images quickly through the easy-to-access, Physician Portal.


  • Accessible radiologists are available for consultation on their reports.


  • Fast prior authorization assistance for no-hassle scheduling and same-day or next-day appointment options.
MRI Technologist Putting Headphones On Patient Before MRI Scan


  • Diagnostic and advanced imaging at costs up to 60% lower than hospital-based imaging.


  • Patients get one bill for easy payment with no surprise costs


  • In-network with 99% of health insurance plans with competitive rates to save your patients money.

Bottom Line: We make it easy for you and easy for your patients.

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Insurance Preauthorization

Most health insurance providers permit Larchmont Medical Imaging to obtain insurance preauthorization on your behalf for patients referred to our practice. Our preauthorization department is happy to work with your referral department to ensure authorization is obtained in a timely manner to ensure studies can be completed on time.

PACS Access + Login

Larchmont Medical Imaging’s physician portal is easily accessible from your browser to allow for safe, direct access to your patient’s results. Our representatives can assist with troubleshooting and account setup.

STAT Exam Support

On average, a standard report is quickly delivered to our referring providers within 7 hours. STAT reports are available with even faster turnaround times to get your patient the follow-up care they need fast.

Ordering Guide + Script Pads

Ordering information and materials is important in keeping your practice running as smoothly as possible. Our representatives are available to provide any print material you may need to maintain a smooth process for you and your patients.