Upload Your Script

Step One

Our online script upload form allows us to ensure we have a copy of your prescription prior to your appointment. This save our staff and importantly, you, time when checking in at any of our offices. Larchmont Medical Imaging is able to match your script upload to the correct imaging study ordered by your physician.

Simply upload a scan or photograph of your script from your physician before your visit. We accept the following formats: .PDF, .JPEG, or . PNG.

    Privacy Disclaimer

    In providing this contact information, I understand that Larchmont Medical Imaging cannot guarantee privacy for e-mail communications over the internet, other than website submissions form a patient portal. I understand and accept this risk, and thus, will allow Larchmont Imaging to communicate my protected health information using my personal email address listed above for the purposes of scheduling an appointment and/or receiving additional patient education to help me make an informed decision about my healthcare.

    Step Two

    Please fill out the information on the form, click on “Choose File” to select the appropriate file on your device, and then press “Submit” once you are finished to securely send this information to us.